How to Get Your Fraternity Brothers to Agree with Big Changes

How to Get Your Fraternity Brothers to Agree with Big Changes

Has this ever happened at one of your fraternity meetings?

An excited brother has a great idea.  It could be the fraternity president or a brother in crowd – it really doesn’t matter.

This great idea will cause some type of departure from normal chapter operations.  This change will seem dramatic to some brothers.

This handful of brothers will be vocal in their opposition to the idea.  Before you know it they will have persuaded the entire brotherhood to shoot it down. 

The fraternity then resorts to the old, stagnant ways of doing business and the excited brother is dejected.

I know this has happened at one of your meetings because that scene plays out in chapter houses everywhere.  I want to tell you a secret though – it doesn’t have to be this way.

You should never, ever present a major idea or change at a meeting unless you know if it will be accepted with near certainty.

To make sure the meeting will go your way, you need to do the legwork before the meeting.  You need to present your idea to brothers in individual conversations.  You need to get their buy in during these one on one conversations.

The brothers will have suggestions, and be sure to incorporate them into your original idea.  The more input you get an incorporate, the more your idea becomes theirs.

And most importantly, be sure to ask the brothers the question if they will support the idea in the fraternity meeting.

If you do this legwork, you will know with near certainty that your idea will be approved by the brotherhood.   You will get what you want, and hopefully your fraternity will improve as a result.

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