How to Get Fraternity Sponsors

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What are some good corporations to ask about for sponsorship’s, and what should my letter of intent to them contain?


What are you trying to get sponsors for? Is this some kind of event like a golf tournament or something? Check out this article about Fraternity Golf Tournaments.  I know I replied there with a solid briefing of how to make it work. That should be adaptable to most other types of charity events with a little creativity.

In terms of whom to target, try local companies, companies that do business with your school, and companies alumni or parents work for. Particularly try companies that double employee donations. If the employee talks to their HR department and explains they’re on the planning committee or something for a fraternity event, often the company will match the total raised, or will sign on for a higher level sponsorship.

About the letter of intent, try searching ‘sponsor letter of intent.’ They’re pretty simple and straight forward.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful. If you’ll reply with some more information about what you’re doing, I’ll try to be more specific.

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