How to Ace the Next Test

ace the next test

Remember this when you take a test – if the question was good enough to be asked once, it is good enough to be asked twice. So where do you find the questions?

First, you have to find old tests. This is critical for you success. Old tests are commonly used as study guides for current students.  This tip is especially useful for final exams. Most, if not all, questions are bound to be variations of test questions already asked.

Obviously though, do not do this if your professor doesn’t allow it.  Fraternity men are men of high character.  Violating the academic policy of your university is not something men of integrity do.

Second, and the most obvious way to prepare, is by studying your class notes. If the instructor is any good, he will have given at least several good examples which you will recognize as a potential test questions. Be sure to highlight them in your notes to make it easy to find later.

A tip for humanities classes is making sure you know all the key terms and people. If you know those, you will be prepared for any question the professor can ask.

For essay questions, be sure to fill all the allotted space with your answer. I had several teachers who I am convinced didn’t even read the essay if they saw it was long. They figured that you knew the material since you could write about it for several pages. Fill the space with every fact and figure you can remember.

If you follow these few tips, you will become a successful test-taker.

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