How Does a Fraternity Celebrate their 100th Anniversary?

fraternity anniversary

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This year marks the 100th anniversary of my fraternity. It is also the 80th year of our chapter. I just want to know what events or programs could we do that will focus on the organization but also involve students, faculty, and administrative on the campus.


This is an awesome accomplishment for your fraternity and your chapter. Congratulations to you and your brothers.

This is definitely a time to celebrate all that has been accomplished, but don’t make the common mistake of trying to focus on the wrong people with your celebration.

Remember this when you plan your programs or events. All events should focus on the brotherhood and your message. Take the time to celebrate yourselves and all you have accomplished. This is a just reward for the thousands of hours your fraternity has spent the past 100 years giving to others.

If you focus on the accomplishments of your fraternity, and the men who achieved them, then your anniversary celebration will be a success.

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