How Do I Run a Fraternity Meeting?

Fraternity Meeting

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I’m looking to become my fraternity’s president next year and I notice that a problem that we face right now is getting people to be quiet and not be disrespectful by talking during our fraternity meetings. Is there any advice you could offer me on how to get the entire room to be obedient during meeting and not make any smart or dumb remarks?


You are describing a symptom that a lot of fraternities face. The problem is usually with the meeting though, not the brothers.

Most fraternities try to solve all the world’s problems in their meetings. No work is done outside the meetings, which leads to a painful amount of debate and discussion. This is not productive for anyone.

The fraternity must hold the committee chairmen accountable to make decisions and plans outside the fraternity meeting. The meeting is the forum to report the decisions, not to make them.

If you can do that, then the actually business of the fraternity meeting should only take a few minutes. You will find the brothers will be more attentive in this format, because no one will want to miss important information.

The rest of the time at the fraternity meeting can be ‘wasted’ by the brothers cutting up. The brothers will end up having more fun at the fraternity meetings, and the business will still be addressed. This is really the best of both worlds.

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