Holding Fraternity Brothers Accountable

Holding Fraternity Brothers Accountable

Here is the situation – a fraternity brother does something stupid.  The fraternity is upset, and there are a group of guys who want to have a judicial board meeting to hold him accountable.  Of course, the logic is that will solve the problem.

This solution, however, is the fastest way to alienate a brother.  Put yourself in the shoes of the brother in question for a minute.  How would you feel if the entire chapter ganged up on you to make sure you realize you did something stupid?  You would probably think what a great group of brothers I have…

Often, as much of the fault of this situation actually lies on the fraternity as it does on the brother.  Where were the other brothers when the brother in question did something stupid?  Why didn’t a brother pull him aside and let him know that what he is doing is not a good idea and not reflective of the values of the fraternity?

Society has become too touchy feely, too politically correct for me.  Because of that, people have a harder time having the tough conversations.  It should never be that way for fraternity brothers.

If your brother is about to do something stupid, it is your obligation to all the brothers who came before you and will come after you to stop him.  You don’t have to be a jerk about it, and you definitely shouldn’t make it a public spectacle.  A brief, private conversation should be all that it takes to get your point across.  And if you can’t convince the brother alone, keep adding brothers to the conversation until reason prevails.

Never loose sight that this brother not only represents himself and your chapter, but the entire Greek community.  His stupid actions will reflect negatively on all of us.  Because of that, it is imperative that we always remain our brother’s keeper.

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