Fraternity Presidents Lead by Example

fraternity presidents lead

A fraternity president needs to lead by example. There is going to be a lot of tasks that you are not going to want to do, but have to because you fill that role. There are going to be IFC meetings to attend, alumni letters to write, university officials to meet, not to mention homework, girlfriends and a personal life.

Besides those public duties, there are going to be hundreds of unofficial events that the president must attend. The president must attend all house cleanups, fundraising events, philanthropy events, pledge nights, house meetings, social events, athletic events, rush events and anything else that the fraternity might be doing.

The reason for this is simple; the brotherhood will follow the president’s example. If the president doesn’t think that any one of these events is important enough to show up for, why should the brotherhood?

Finally, it will do a president more harm than good to show up with a bad attitude.

Never forget that a president’s role to lead by example is very tiresome, but critical for a fraternity’s success.

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