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A party will be a good time if a lot of people show up. It doesn’t really matter how lousy the planning for an event was or how terrible the idea was if you end up getting a good crowd. This is because people will have a good time with a good turnout. That remains the singe most important key to parties.

My chapter once threw a champagne breakfast party. The idea was terrible. We were to have a semi-formal that started a 4am. The plan included having a fancy breakfast catered, and we were to toast with champagne when the sun came up.

Half the members in the chapter stayed up and pulled an all-nighter. Most of them ended up drinking all night and weren’t much in the mood to party at 4am. Everyone else ended up sneaking home for a few hours to catch some sleep before the event. They weren’t too enthused about rolling out of bed and going to a party at 4am either.

Needless to say, it was tough getting the party started. However, great T shirts were printed up for the event and several members had been promoting the party for weeks. Before we knew it, we had a large crowd and everyone soon forgot what time it was and started having a good time.

Because these several guys had hyped the event so hard for so long, it actually ended up being a great event. Granted, we would never dream of doing it again, but everyone showed up and made it a lot of fun. Remember, it doesn’t matter what is planned, if you hype it enough and enough people show up, it will be a success.

2 thoughts on “Fraternity Parties Are All About Hype

  1. I kind of don’t like that this just promotes giant open parties. Those had their place back in the day, and still do on some campuses, but things are so much more restricted these days at most schools.

    I’m not saying you need a really strict guest list, but you probably don’t want to use your shared resources to dump free booze down the throats of hundreds of randoms either. That’s not a party. That’s a bunch of people using you and you being dumb enough to think it makes you cool.

    The coolest party I ever ran we laid down tarp over the carpet, covered the walls with bamboo, and dumped two tons of sand in the house. People saw us build for it over a couple week period & the buzz around campus was huge.

    I had a private rita machine in my room that a few of us pitched in on. Had a pledge work the door of my room like it was the club. He’d come round us up when a batch was ready & then we’d give him a number of extra girls we’d let in depending on how many we brought with us. He’d go invite one girl in & say her friend couldn’t come. It was mean as hell, but they just followed right along. I couldn’t believe people would tolerate stuff like that, but they ate it up cause we made them feel special.

    We had a strict guest list for guys – brothers, a coupe out of town friends, and a limited number of potential rushees. I told all the sorority social chairs it was going to be very strict guest list and I could only give them about 20 slots for their sorority and please get back to me by some date with the names. That was completely BS. You know any hot girl that walked up was getting in. But, we made it seem exclusive. Those social chairs were calling back begging to get more names on the list. I was saying, ‘I’d really like to help you out, but we’re pretty full, have you thought about who you’re doing homecoming with next semester, well I can probably get another 10 names on here, we’ll just cut some GDI girls off the list.’

    I can not describe to you the brilliance of that evil genius moment, or how spectacular the party turned out to be. One of our actives overheard girls that weren’t at the party and didn’t go to our school talking about this in another town 250 miles away a week after it happened.

    People don’t want to be at the giant club with 5000 people and anyone can get in. They want to be at the super cool place with the line out front. Big doesn’t equal cool. But you need the same hype either way.

    • Your comment kind of contradicts itself. On one hand you state that parties need to be closed (which I 100% agree with), but then you go on to describe huge open parties where you manipulated sorority girls. I don’t quite understand.

      I think your overarching point that you need to build up the hype and anticipation is spot on though. This is the key ingredient to an awesome party.

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