Fraternity Parties Are All About Hype

fraternity party

A party will be a good time if a lot of people show up. It doesn’t really matter how lousy the planning for an event was or how terrible the idea was if you end up getting a good crowd. This is because people will have a good time with a good turnout. That remains the singe most important key to parties.

My chapter once threw a champagne breakfast party. The idea was terrible. We were to have a semi-formal that started a 4am. The plan included having a fancy breakfast catered, and we were to toast with champagne when the sun came up.

Half the members in the chapter stayed up and pulled an all-nighter. Most of them ended up drinking all night and weren’t much in the mood to party at 4am. Everyone else ended up sneaking home for a few hours to catch some sleep before the event. They weren’t too enthused about rolling out of bed and going to a party at 4am either.

Needless to say, it was tough getting the party started. However, great T shirts were printed up for the event and several members had been promoting the party for weeks. Before we knew it, we had a large crowd and everyone soon forgot what time it was and started having a good time.

Because these several guys had hyped the event so hard for so long, it actually ended up being a great event. Granted, we would never dream of doing it again, but everyone showed up and made it a lot of fun. Remember, it doesn’t matter what is planned, if you hype it enough and enough people show up, it will be a success.

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