Fraternity Nationals

fraternity nationals

Most fraternities have a negative connotation of their national headquarters because the only time they seem to be involved is when the fraternity is in trouble. This is a terrible way to look at a fantastic resource. Dues to nationals account for 20% or more of a fraternity brother’s annual dues. Shouldn’t the local chapter get a good return on that sizable investment?

To get the return on that investment, it is imperative that the president develops a relationship with the national staff. He should call the executive director at least once a month to pick his brain on fraternity issues. The president should require that a leadership consultant visits the chapter at least once a year.

The president should also make sure the fraternity maximizes attendance at national and regional conferences. Every brother that wants to attend should attend. These conferences should be mandatory for pledge classes.

The president should make sure the chapter does these things for two reasons. The only real value the national headquarters can provide is knowledge. Guys don’t stay involved in the fraternity after graduation unless they really love it. And the guys who actually take a job with the fraternity have to love it even more. Take advantage of these guys and learn all you can from them.

Also, these are good people to have in your corner should something go wrong in the fraternity. If your chapter is facing possible disciplinary punishment from the university, it is good to have these guys in your corner fighting on your behalf.

Your chapter invests a lot of money in your national headquarters. These people want to help you. Let them…

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