Fraternity Men Don’t Take Joy in Someone Else’s Misfortune

Fraternity Men Don’t Take Joy in Someone Else’s Misfortune

You probably have a rival fraternity on campus.  For some reason or another, your fraternity just doesn’t get along with these guys.  And because there isn’t a fraternity out there without flaws, they will slip up eventually.

Human nature leads most men to gloat in that situation and try to use it to their advantage.  During recruitment, some brothers will brag that they are better than their rival fraternity because of whatever happened.  They will point out their rival’s shortcoming to whoever will listen at social events.  They will take great joy in sharing the short-comings of the other fraternity.

True fraternity men are better than that though.  Fraternity men don’t use someone else’s shortcomings to try to prop themselves up.  They let their actions show others what they are all about.  Their true character shows through, and they are respected for it.

Remember that you will never be able to build yourself up by knocking someone else down.  People see right through that, and they will resent you for it.

Be a fraternity man of high moral character.  Become respected for what you do, and avoid being remembered for what you say about others.

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