Fraternity Leadership from a CEO

Fraternity Leadership from a CEO

A good friend of mine is an executive with a well-known company. He recently shared with me a conversation he had with the CEO. The conversation shows why the CEO has been able to create one of the world’s greatest companies.

This particular day, my friend and the CEO were discussing healthcare. Everyone knows the healthcare industry is messed up, and getting more messed up by the day. The healthcare billing industry is even worse.

When my friend was describing the problem, the CEO became consumed with creating a solution to this problem. He knew that their company had the ability to fix the ailments in their billing processes.

The thing about it is that the CEO never once talked about making a profit from fixing the problem. He wasn’t the least bit concerned about that. He was 100% committed to developing the solution, realizing that if he could do that, everything else would fall into place.

That is what a leader does. He focuses on the problem, and commits all his energy to developing the solution. If you do that, everything else will take care of itself.

Think about how this applies to fraternity life.

A great example is fraternity recruitment. I have recently received a ton of emails recently asking for help from fraternities that are struggling with rush. My response is always what is your problem?

The common answer to my question is that the fraternity is having a difficult time finding guys to come out to rush events. Once they get guys to come out, they have little problem getting them to join.

If these fraternities became consumed with fixing their problem, recruitment issues such as getting guys to commit and getting brothers motivated would probably go away.

Think about this the next time your fraternity faces adversity. Single out your problem, and give total dedication to fixing it. If you do that, there is not doubt the results you are looking for will come.

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