Fraternity Leaders Inspire their Chapter

fraternity leaders inspire

There are no limits to what you and your fraternity can do if you are motivated and creative.

For example, check out these guys from Auburn.  These guys decided that they were going to get a hug from Taylor Swift.  Because of Twitter and Facebook, they were able to get her to notice them, and make a special trip to Auburn to give the guys a hug.

Also, check out the coolest high school kid ever.  This guy decided he was going to take Arianni Celeste (an MMA ring girl) to his high school prom.  He used YouTube to connect, and was able to score his big date.

I have my own example.  When I was in 7th grade, I was convinced my Philadelphia Eagles were going to go to the Super Bowl.  I asked my Dad if he would take me to the game if I could get tickets.  He was thinking about what 13 year-old kid is going to get a ticket to the Super Bowl, so he agreed.

I started a letter writing campaign (this was pre-internet).  I wrote a letter to the commissioner of the NFL, the governor of California, the mayor of Pasadena (the game was to be played in the Rose Bowl) and anyone else I could think of.

Long story short, the Eagles got bounced from the playoffs, but the mayor of Pasadena came through for me.  The city was allocated 20 tickets, and he gave me one of them.  Dad came through on his end of the bargain, and he flew me from the east coast to attend the big game.

As a leader in your fraternity, you need to be this type of visionary.  One of the huge benefits of fraternity life is you have the resources to accomplish pretty incredible things.

Accomplishing things that others think isn’t possible will be inspiring for your brotherhood.

An equally important benefit for the fraternity will be working together to accomplish the challenge.  Sometimes the best part of reaching a destination is the journey to get there.  This journey will bring your brotherhood closer, and that is what it is all about.

So dream big.  Come up with a crazy idea, and make it happen.  Create the memory that your brothers will be talking about for years to come.  Become a chapter legend.

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