Fraternity Leaders – Be BOLD!

fraternity leaders

School is finally back in session, and every fraternity has as fresh start.  If I could impart one bit of advice to fraternity leaders at the start of this year – it would be to BE BOLD!

Think about it – life is too short to be a wall flower.  Be a leader who has fun, and is aggressive!  Focus on creating memories, focus on building your legacy.

This will be a more difficult path to take.  There will be a lot of brothers who will prefer the status quo, and will fight every improvement you try to make.  These people exist in all walks of life.  Don’t let them get you down and don’t let them hold you back!

If you choose to lead this way, your experience will be much more rewarding for you and your fraternity.  You will make mistakes, but you will learn from them.  And there is nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as they are made with effort and enthusiasm.

This is the recipe for a fantastic year.  You and the brothers in your fraternity won’t remember the mundane, but you will remember the bold.

Create memories, do things that have never been done and expand your sense of reality by utilizing your imagination.

This is how you will make sure that this year is a year that you will never forget.

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