9 Great Ideas for Fraternity Success

fraternity success

If there were a magic formula for fraternity success, all chapters would obviously be following it. In lieu of a magic formula, here are some of the fraternity ideas that your chapter can focus to help accomplish your collective goals:

1.  Challenging Conversations  

Learning how to have challenging conversation and address tough issues will not only help deal with potential strife in the chapter, but will serve as an incredible learning tool for your brothers.

2.  Accountability

Accountability is key to fraternity. Every member signs on to a set of standards – what makes these standards and values so meaningful is the deliberate effort made to uphold them. Though this is difficult to do, it pays off in significant ways.

3.  Member Education

While in a fraternity, the learning should not end at Initiation. At the bare minimum, the different backgrounds of members should be exploited to educate the chapter about other cultures and areas. Creating opportunities for active brothers to continue their education will pay off considerable dividends.

4.  Advisory Team

Being in a fraternity can be hard work, so why not make it easier? Having a strong advisory team is crucial to achieving success in your chapter. We, as undergraduate members, do not know everything, but if we work together with our advisors, we can bring more minds to the table and solve more problems.

5.  Recognition

Recognizing the work of your chapter brothers is beyond critical. In a large group, there are bound to be countless positive accomplishments. Highlighting these will make recognized brothers feel appreciated, motivate other brothers to strive for great things and most importantly, instill pride in the fraternity.

6.  Academic Assistance

Inevitably, every member will have a tough semester and be in need of some extra academic assistance. Having a built-in plan for academic assistance will streamline the process and allow for more brothers to take advantage and get what they need to excel academically.

7.  Ritual Review

Ritual is the core of any fraternal organization – it is what distinguishes fraternities apart. Knowledge and true understanding of your organization’s ritual will enhance your entire life, beyond your college years.

8.  Community Service

Serving the community allows you to give back and be an example of the good work fraternities can do. As an added bonus, community service projects are usually incredible brotherhood building opportunities.

9.  Positive Communal Relations

There are benefits to having strong relations with other members of your Greek community. Make sure you properly thank organizations that help with a project, or congratulate them for their accomplishments or even their successful initiations! The more you give back to your community, the more you will receive!

This answer was written by Matt Crimmins, a brother from Beta Theta Pi and contributor for the thefraternityadvisor.com. If you are interested in writing for thefraternityadvisor.com – let us know (CLICK HERE)!

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