Fraternity Ideas Guy

Fraternity Ideas Guy

There is a conversation that happens a couple of times every day. A group of friends are together and they ask each other “what do you want to do?” Or, they ask “what do you want to eat?” Inevitably, the group ends up doing the same thing they have done a hundred times.

It doesn’t have to be this way, especially with your fraternity.

The lifeblood of a fraternity is not great recruitment or awesome social events – it is great ideas. Because of this, it is critical your fraternity has as many ‘ideas guys’ as possible.

For example, one semester my fraternity had a semi-formal and a very creative brother came up with a great idea. The theme was a Champagne Breakfast. The idea was we were all going to toast each other at sunset and then enjoy breakfast. The event started at 4am on a Saturday morning.

The fraternity was absolutely geeked for this event. We had shirts made and an elaborate breakfast planned.

You probably could have guessed, but this idea kind of flopped. It is never a good idea to start a event at 4am. Sure, everyone showed up and had a good time while they were there. But it was brutally painful to get up at 3am for a party that started at 4am. Also, by about 6am everyone was shot.

That isn’t the point though. The point is the fraternity tried something new, and the idea was so unique and original the entire chapter got behind it.

Be sure your fraternity is promoting new ideas and trying new things. Your organization can’t improve if you do the same thing you have always done. Sure, you will have some failures, but you will also have some huge successes.

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