Fraternity Football Sundays

fraternity football sundays

Every Sunday across the country hung-over college men settle in to watch NFL football. If your chapter room doesn’t turn into a sports bar on these glorious afternoons, then your fraternity is missing a fantastic opportunity to develop your brotherhood.

The set-up is easy. Ditch cable and invest in a Directv account. Then move all the TVs in the house and set them up in a common room each Sunday. Put a different game on each TV and you have an unbeatable brotherhood event.

From there, you can build-out this idea to generate more interest. You should create a fraternity fantasy football league and develop and NFL pick-em pool. Before you know it, the fraternity house will become the place to be on Sunday afternoons.

There are several significant benefits to this set-up. The die-hard NFL fans who spend their Sundays visiting the local sports bar because their team is never on TV will no longer go broke sipping $6 beers. The brotherhood will inevitably spend more time together, and thus will become closer. Buddies of brothers will want to go to the fraternity house to see their team play, which becomes a great recruitment opportunity.

The biggest benefit though might be the perceived value received by the brothers. Brothers are always complaining that don’t get enough for their money when they pay dues. This is a direct value they’ll receive, and is a benefit that will separate them from non-Greek men on campus.

Red-blooded American men are going to watch football on Sundays. Your fraternity should take advantage of this fact, and provide brothers want they want.

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