Fraternity Flag Football Rivalry

Fraternity Athletic Chair

Every fraternity has a rival fraternity or chapter. It might be the house across the street, or it might be another chapter of your fraternity at a different university. Regardless, taking advantage of this situation can create a great event for both fraternities.

This event is an annual flag football game between the two fraternities. Rotate the location of the game each year. Have the home team provide the game ball and pay for referees. Make the game a huge event so that all undergrads, alumni and friends of each fraternity make it a priority to attend.

Use the event as a fundraiser for the home team’s pledge class. Have them sell drinks and hot dogs. Heck, you can even sell noise makers or pom poms. And all this stuff will only add to the event.

On the night of the game it should be the home team’s responsibility to throw a party for both fraternities. At the party, the losing team should present the winning team with the game ball. The chapter then should write the date and score on the game ball and display it in the chapter room as a trophy.

This should make for a great day and build a strong bond between both fraternities.

Remember not to let the heat of the action spoil the event. Calmer heads should prevail to create a lasting tradition.

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