Fraternity Elections

fraterntiy election

The most qualified member of the fraternity isn’t always elected to the office they deserve. One reason why this happens is because that person will split their own vote.

Often, a superstar member will run for several different offices during the same election. This person is normally well thought of in the fraternity, otherwise they would not have thought of running for multiple positions. The thought is that if they don’t win one office, they will win a lesser office.

That just doesn’t make sense though. What ends up happening is some people think that person should be position A, and others think B and C. Before you know it, the highly qualified person doesn’t win a position because their vote is split over several offices.

Don’t let that happen to you if you decide to run in an election. Pick the position that you think most suits your talents and desires, and then go for it. If you lose, so be it. But at least you won’t be defeating yourself.

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