Fraternity Christmas

fraternity christmas

Every fraternity should have a Christmas party. Having a Christmas party is the perfect type of closed event that will bring the brotherhood together.

The setup for the event is simple. Have every brother bring a wrapped present. Then have the youngest brother (highest brotherhood number) take his pick from the presents and open it. The next youngest brother then has the opportunity to take the opened present or open a new one. If a gift is passed 3 times, it is considered dead and can’t be traded anymore. If someone’s gift is taken, they get the opportunity to take a gift or pick another wrapped gift.

There will be a ton of great laughs from this event. Some brothers will find pretty outlandish gifts. Others will bring booze and others will actually bring good gifts.

Regardless, the fraternity Christmas will be a good time, and should become a fraternity tradition that everyone looks forward to every December.

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