Do Many Juniors or Seniors Rush Fraternities?

Do Many Juniors or Seniors Rush Fraternities?

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Do many juniors or seniors rush fraternities?


To answer your question directly – no. The majority of people who rush fraternities are freshmen, and the majority of those guys are first semester freshmen.

However, there are a ton of juniors and seniors who wish they would have joined a fraternity when they were younger, but think the process is too involved to do as an upperclassman.

Often, this is a poor reflection on our new member programs. An upperclassman is not naïve about what goes on in a lot of new member programs, and they will not subject themselves to hazing. This is another reason why it is so important to eliminate hazing from our new member programs.

That being said, there should be no reason why upperclassman shouldn’t join your fraternity. Your brothers are going to meet guys who aren’t affiliated throughout their college career, and it would be foolish not to get the good ones to rush.

Actually, the best fraternity brother I know joined as a junior. While he was only a brother for a year as an undergraduate, he has given more to the fraternity as an alumnus than you could imagine. My fraternity probably would have literally folded without his contributions and leadership during difficult times. Thank goodness someone rushed him even though he was an upperclassman.

Like I stated, most juniors and seniors do not rush fraternities. Don’t let that dissuade you though from rushing high caliber men.

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