Dirty Rushing

dirty rush

Dirty rushing is typically a term that is only popular in the sorority world. Their rush is so dramatically different than most fraternity rushes that comparing one to the other is pretty much useless. However, dirty rushing does occur in the fraternity world, and the truth is that it is usually accepted.

For most universities, there is only one fraternity rush rule that really matters. That is no drinking during rush. It is considered dirty rushing if a brother provides alcohol to a rushee. I would guess that over 90% of the fraternity world breaks this rule.

The argument for a dry rush is a valid one. Some question if a potential new member can make a knowledgeable decision after spending two weeks drunk at a fraternity house. Nearly all rushees are underage, so providing alcohol to them would be against the law. Some people fear that by rushing this way, you are recruiting the party more, study less kind of guy. These guys are a lot of fun (before they flunk out), but often feed into the bad image that plagues fraternities.

However, I would argue something different. Fraternities are social organizations. Therefore, when you are recruiting someone into your social organization, you must show them social events. In a college environment, alcohol is present at social events. By not showing them this side of your fraternity, you are doing both them and you a disservice.

Now it is stupid to not abide by the university rules. By blatantly breaking those rules, you put the fraternity at risk for probation that will make your life miserable.  It is also obvious that the fraternity cannot provide alcohol to underage students without the risk of significant repercussions.

The rule shouldn’t really matter though if you recruit the right way. If you follow the recruiting strategy that I describe in my other articles, you should be recruiting year-around. That way, when the time comes for the designated rush week, your fraternity will not have to be punished like the others because you will be playing an entirely different game.  You won’t have to rely on these two weeks to find and get your entire new member class to commit.  You will have found most of them already outside the designated rush period.

Remember to be smart during rush.  You probably don’t agree with dry rush policies, but the fact is that it is that if you don’t abide by this policy it can put an damper on your entire year.  Rush hard, but rush smart.

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