Designated Driver Program Fundraiser

fraternity designated driver

Statistically, there is really only one way that a fraternity brother will die – and that is being killed in a drunk-driving accident. Your fraternity has the responsibility to protect the brotherhood from their own stupidity.

A possible solution is to establish a DD program for the fraternity.  A brother or new member should be on call every Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the semester. The member is responsible for being on call from 10 to 3 to make sure every brother who needs a ride home gets one. The days will obviously be evenly distributed among the membership.

There should be a surcharge for each brother of $20 a semester to pay for this service.

This is a great deal for the brotherhood because they know they will always have a ride home, and it will be significantly cheaper than getting a cab or walking home.

Take care of each other – especially when it comes to driving while intoxicated.  I have had to bury a brother who was hit by a drunk driver.  That is something that I hope no one ever has to experience.

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