And Another Fraternity Fundraising Idea

fraternity movers

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted many articles this week. That is because I am the process of moving. Life should get back to normal pretty soon, and then the articles will come more frequently.

This whole moving ordeal got me thinking about a great fundraising idea for a fraternity. I would have happily paid my fraternity $1000 or even $2000 to move my stuff for me.

This would have been a great fundraiser for the fraternity because they could have moved all my stuff in a few hours with enough guys to help. They also would have had the added benefit of first dibs on the stuff I threw out which could be used to help furnish the fraternity house.

I would have been tickled with it, because it is a real cost effective solution to move. A moving company charges several thousand dollars, a price I wouldn’t be interested in paying. Doing it myself is a hassle, not only because of the actual move, but because of begging friends to help.

Late spring and early summer is the time to take advantage of this opportunity. Send all your alumni an email, and explain that the fraternity is looking to raise money and would be willing to help someone move as a fundraiser. Ask the alums if they know of anyone that might be interested. Remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a brother who needs to be moved.

If you can get someone to take the fraternity up on the offer, you will have a nice little fundraiser for the fraternity.

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