A Quick Fraternity Recruitment Tip

Fraternity Nickname

Selling a potential new member on the fraternity comes down to two things – creating a relationship and making him part of the group. A quick and easy way to jump start this process is by giving him a fraternity nickname during recruitment.

Animal House has taught generations of potential new members that nicknames are an important part of the fraternity. The nickname has become a right of passage, a symbol of inclusion. Use this to your advantage!

This was a key factor in my recruitment. I was given a nickname during my very first rush event. That made me feel wanted, and it made me feel a part of the group. It also helped the brothers remember who I was, because it is a lot easier to remember a crazy fraternity nickname when it is associated with a great time.

If your fraternity has a recruitment tradition or ceremony, this tip does not have to undermine that process. You can still do what you have typically done, even if you have to change the nickname at a later date.

Remember that you are attempting to start a relationship with your potential new member – remember that you are focusing on setting the hook. It is always much easier to recruit someone to join your fraternity if they already feel like they are part of your group.

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