4 Ways Fraternities Foster Leadership Skills for a Lifetime

Ways Fraternities Foster Leadership Skills for a Lifetime

When you first say the word “fraternity” and ask people to mention the very first thing that comes to mind, you’ll often hear responses like: (a) parties, (b) beer, (c) Sorority girls or (d) Pledge Week.

While all four of these items are closely related to the world of Fraternity living, there’s another component that many initially overlook but eventually come to recognize as the greatest skill gleaned from the fraternity experience, and that skill is leadership.

Somehow, in the midst of all of the girls, parties, games, pledges and networking, managerial and leadership skills are being developed, tested and built upon for a lifetime of potential success.

The leadership skills gained from a fraternity can be applied to life after college. Because leadership skills are so valued, many online degree programs such as a healthcare management online degree or an online MBA degree, now include leadership skills as a core part of the curriculum.   If you’ve considered joining a fraternity but needed one more good reason why you should, here are four – just to cover all of the bases!

Reason #1: During Pledging

As difficult as it may be to imagine, the simple acting of pledging (usually for a semester) for a fraternity already sows the seed for great leadership skills. This is because in order to develop leadership skills yourself, you need to have exposure to effective leaders. During your pledging period, you will face both trials and jubilations.

You will know what you are working for and an effective leader will only serve to make your hungrier to succeed.

Reason #2: Leadership Opportunities Are EVERYWHERE!

The first thing you’ll notice when you join a fraternity is that the general membership is anything but “ordinary” or “typical.” In fact, most of the members will have already shown an aptitude and interest in leadership that you might never have experienced before.

Between sports, extracurricular activities, student government and other areas to test your mettle, every day will offer new opportunities and experiences that will hone your edge as an effective, productive leader.

Reason #3: Academic Excellence

One of the greatest components of successful and effective leadership is to lead by example. Although many people view fraternities as nothing more than a chance to “live it up” in the university setting, the reality is that many fraternities have rigorous academic standards that they expect every fraternity member to adhere to. This is just one way that members are encouraged and instructed on how to lead by example. Failure to live up to these standards is an easy way to find yourself without a fraternity.

Reason #4: Community Service

In addition to the programs and activities that fraternities sponsor and participate in on campus, there are additionally community service opportunities that exist off campus. This is not only vital towards developing and strengthening your leadership skills, it also provides multiple chances to network with business leaders in your community and to work diligently towards a common, worthwhile goal!

Louise Baker is a freelance blogger who usually writes about accredited online colleges for Zen College Life. Her most recent article ranked engineering degrees.

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