Fraternities Should Change E-Boards Every Semester

The overwhelming majority of fraternities elect their e-boards for year-long terms. However, it is not uncommon for fraternities to change e-boards every semester. I actually believe changing e-boards every semester is a better system for four reasons.

First, it ensures the fraternity leadership doesn’t become stale. Fraternity leaders often burnout before their term is over. Shorter terms will ensure that fraternity leaders remain dedicated and focused on their job.

Two, it gives the fraternity the opportunity to remove leaders in a tactful way. Anyone who has ever been in a fraternity has seen a brother get elected by mistake. The elected brother ends up doing a terrible job.

The fraternity is often stuck with two choices. They can try to impeach the brother. This leads to hard feelings and will get very ugly. Or the fraternity can suffer through his term of poor performance. I don’t have to explain how this hurts the fraternity.

By having elections every semester, you have the ability to remove a poor leader in a tactful way.

Third, it gives more brothers the opportunity to lead. Most undergraduates are in school at most five years. You are typically a new member during your first year. That means you only have four opportunities to be on the executive board. By changing e-board elections to every semester, you double those opportunities for your brotherhood to gain valuable leadership experience.

Four, it helps brothers with their academic scheduling. Often e-board performance and dedication will go down if a brother has a particularly hard class load that semester. By moving elections to every semester, the brother will better be able to pick the time which is best for him to take a leadership role.

Having e-board elections every semester has a lot of positives for the fraternity. Those who don’t believe in this setup will say that it hurts with continuity in leadership roles. This isn’t true because a good leader will be able to participate in the next election. If the brotherhood thinks he is doing a good enough job, then he will get elected again eliminating continuity problems.

One thought on “4 Reasons Why Fraternities Should Change E-Boards Every Semester

  1. Getting re-elected as an argument against continuity problems kind of admits that those problems exist if the person doesn’t get elected. Honestly, with the very short list of upper positions – President & Treasurer in particular, it takes a while to figure out what you’re doing. Not that the whole first semester is wasted learning, but part of it is. That second semester is where people in those roles tend to shine.

    What we always did (and still do) was a combination. Everything is semesterly, with the exception of President and Treas, which are a year long and elected to serve Jan-Dec. That way they are climbing the learning curve during the slower period at the beginning of Spring, there is continuity over the summer for recruitment/annual reports/audits/etc, and they are at their peak in Fall when we’re running our biggest rush, football tailgates/homecoming, etc. That system does not support people having a whole lot of opportunities at those two offices, but everything else is available every semester.

    It’s not a perfect solution. I don’t know that such a thing exists. But, I feel like it’s a solid compromise.

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