12 Things a Top Fraternity Needs

Top FraternityWhat is a top fraternity?

It’s the following 12 aspects that separate a fraternity from a top fraternity.

On this site, we discuss how you can transform your fraternity in each of these twelve ways.

12. Members Graduating

You cannot be a top fraternity unless your members are graduating. This is the goal of college. Top chapters produce graduates. Fraternities must never lose sight of this fact.

11. Active Seniors

When older brothers disappear, a fraternity often blames that particular brother for being the problem. It is actually the fraternity that is the problem. The fraternity must cater to all its members, not just the younger ones. Top fraternities have programs in place that the older brothers want to be a part of, and as a result the most experienced brothers remain active in the fraternity.

10. No Hazing

Top chapters don’t haze. They focus on building their new members up. This makes the brothers more active in the new member program and makes the new members productive brothers once they are initiated.

9. Strong Risk Management

Universities have little tolerance for fraternity shenanigans these days. If a fraternity breaks a rule, the university will make an example out of them. This is something that top fraternities realize, and they put a solid risk management plan in place to prevent this from happening.

8. Active Alumni Involvement

Top fraternities seek guidance and assistance from their alumni base. They realize that what the fraternity can gain in knowledge is much more important than the finances their alumni can contribute.

7. Clean House

The house is a reflection of the fraternity. This is a fraternity’s most prized possession. Top fraternities take great pride in their house’s appearance.

6. Active Community Service

The top fraternities are active in community service because they want to make a difference, not because they are forced to participate. Make the community service events fun, and the brothers will want to show up to do their part.

5. Strong GPA

Top fraternities take pride in their academics. They realize they must work hard to play hard, and this is reflected in the chapter GPA.

4. Leaders in Other Student Organizations

Does your fraternity develop leadership in the brotherhood? This is a primary focus of the very top fraternities. The easiest way to see if your fraternity is producing leaders is by the brothers participation in other student organizations. Top fraternities have leaders all over campus, not just in the chapter house.

3. Lively Social Life

Is your fraternity providing the social outlet that the brothers expect? This is much more than having parties. Top fraternities have countless brotherhood events that ensure the morale stays high.

2. Strong Finances

Keeping finances in order is probably the truest internal reflection on the strength of your fraternity. The brotherhood in a top fraternity will want to pay their dues, because they realize that the fraternity provides great value to them.

1. Strong Recruitment

You are either growing or you are shrinking. If your recruitment is strong, that means that outsiders believe in what you are doing. This is one of the strongest signs that you have a top fraternity.

Did we miss something? Let us know with a comment below.  If you are interested in learning more on how to make your chapter the best on campus – be sure to check out my book – The Fraternity Leader and The Chapter President – both available on Amazon.

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