10 Things I have learned in the 3 years of TFA

Fraternity Advisor

It is hard to believe thefraternityadvisor.com is 3 years old.  A lot has happened in those three years.  We have published two books and have had over 500,000 people come to our site for fraternity advice.  It has been a very rewarding experience.

Through it all, here are a few things I have learned from building thefraternityadvisor.com that might help you lead your fraternity.

  1. People recognize quality – The most viewed articles on the site are the ones that I spent the most time on.  People appreciate the effort that is put into quality writing.  The same holds true with the quality of your fraternity events.
  2. You can make yourself an authority – Three years ago I started a site and dubbed myself The Fraternity Advisor.  Next thing I knew, I had thousands and thousands of guys looking to me as the subject matter expert on fraternity life.  You can do the same thing in your fraternity dealings.  Be confident and educated on the issues at hand and your brothers will look at you as the expert too.
  3. It feels great to give back – I love fraternity life.  It provided the foundation for me to be very successful after college.  Sharing what I know to help others has been tremendously rewarding.
  4. We all have the ability to touch a lot of people.  The success of the site is humbling.   And all it took was time and effort to reach all those people.  Your fraternity also has the ability to touch a lot of lives.  You just have to have the motivation to actually make a difference.
  5. Fraternity life is alive and well – The success stories that I hear out there are awesome.  Fraternity is as valuable now as it has ever been.  Brothers still ‘get it’ and they will become better men as a result of their membership.
  6. These four answers can solve all fraternity problems:
    1. Brothers are friends first
    2. Honor your commitments
    3. Do things the right way
    4. Take action now
    5. Stay true to your beliefs – Have the courage and confidence to stand up for what you believe.  Not everyone will like it.  However, if you compromise to appease everyone, you will end up pleasing no one.
    6. Respect, but challenge authority – Always, always, always show respect to others.  This is a virtue of every fraternity gentleman.  However, do not be afraid to challenge authority.  Ask tough questions, and don’t let others take advantage of you because you are ‘just a student’.
    7. Everyone needs help – I don’t claim to know everything about fraternity life and I am very grateful to those who have helped give advice on the site.  Dennis Nall and Joe Russo have been frequent contributors, and have authored dozens of articles for the site. Their insight and advice makes the site much better and I can’t express how much I appreciate their contributions.
    8. Change – The site, much like a chapter in a fraternity, has undergone a lot of change the past few years.  It has undergone a few facelifts which I think really helps make the site more user-friendly.  This fall I plan on launching a forum and a chapter consulting series.  Also in August I will have a series “31 Days of Recruitment Ideas”.  I am pretty excited about these projects and will let you know more later this summer.

Finally, thank you to all those who follow the site and have purchased my book The Fraternity Leader.  Thefraternityadvisor.com is one of the most rewarding things I do, and I really appreciate your support.


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