Why Join A Fraternity

why join a fraternity

Your fraternity has to have an answer to this fundamental question in order to be successful. More importantly – you must have an answer to the question of why join your fraternity?

In my eyes, there are really only two reasons why you should join a fraternity. First, joining a fraternity allows a group of guys to pool their money together and do some really fun stuff that a typical group of friends cannot do. A group of friends will not have the resources to throw the types of parties a fraternity can throw. These types of events really can make the difference in a college experience. It really is the difference from being the one throwing the party, or being the one attending the party.

Second, joining a fraternity creates a lasting tie to the university and your group of friends that you cannot get in another organization. Homecomings are much more meaningful when you have a fraternity house that will always open their doors for you. The satisfaction one receives from seeing events that they started still alive and well in their local chapter is incredible. Being part of a fraternity means you will always have a close tie to your school.

A lot of people answer the question that you join a fraternity because of the close bonds of friendship that are created in a Greek organization. That is partially true. You will create bonds that will last a lifetime. But, you will probably create bonds that are as meaningful if you never joined a fraternity.

However, you will have more fun in college if you join a fraternity. You will also have a stronger tie to your undergraduate experience – which will probably be the most fun period of your life – if you join. So why wouldn’t you want to join a fraternity?

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