Which Type of Fraternity is Right for You?

Which Type of Fraternity is Right For You

For some, the word fraternity brings to mind images of John Belushi covered in booze, stumbling around the lawn of the Animal House, determined to burn out before he faded away. While it is possible that some fraternities hope to live up to this image, not all are concerned only with going out in a blaze of glory.

Fraternities have been around as long as institutions of higher learning have existed. Comprised of groups of individuals with common goals and aspirations, fraternities have always worked to further the ideals of their members, whatever they happen to be.

So, which type of fraternity is right for you?

The Four Major Types of Fraternities


Created with the purpose of connecting students, social fraternities most resemble what you have seen in the movies. These Greek style fraternities typically accept students from a variety of majors, and often share the goal of bringing students together in casual type events. These guys know how to throw the kind of party you will not soon forget.


Academic fraternities bring together student with the goal of excelling in academics. The cream of the academic crop typically resides here. These fraternities are devoted to the academic success of their members, and help pave the way for a promising future. If you are a hard worker and are committed to creating a bright future for yourself, an academic fraternity might be perfect for you.


Service fraternities are devoted to making a difference in the community and the world at large. These organizations often have a guiding principle, such as a religious affiliation or social goal. If your main desire is to make a difference in the world, a service oriented fraternity might be perfect for you.


If you know where you are going in the world, a professionally oriented fraternity might be ideal. This type of organization is typically based around a specific career path, and is quite beneficial for students who have a good idea of which path they are taking. Such fraternities abound with networking opportunities, and can often provide a much needed foot in the door in highly competitive fields.

Pick the right fraternity for you

There are significant advantages to combining your desires and values with other individuals. Often, you can accomplish far more together than you can alone. If a certain type of fraternity appeals to you, take the time to check it out. You may get far more out of it than you could imagine.

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