What to Expect During Fraternity Hell Week

fraternity hell week

As stated in previous articles, Fraternity Hell Week is a juvenile idea.

However, if you find that you are going to have to make it through a Fraternity Hell Week – here is what to expect:

1) Expect to live at the chapter house all week. Hopefully you’ll get a couch instead of the floor.

2) Expect to dress up in coat and tie all week and carry something stupid to class like a brick or paddle.

3) Expect to be up until all hours of the night being ‘quizzed’ on your pledge material.

4) Expect to be humiliated by doing stupid things like elephant walks.

5) Expect for your school work to go to hell. You will be up all night being hazed so you will not have time to study. Then you will be so tired in class you won’t be able to pay attention.

6) Expect Hell Week to end in an all night hazing extravaganza that culminates with initiation.

And these 6 are just for starters. Fraternities that haze tend to be very creative when hazing and can come up with the craziest stuff.

Again, Fraternity Hell Week adds very little to the fraternity and only damages the bonds of the brotherhood, but as a pledge, there is not much you can do.

If and when you are initiated into your fraternity, it may be a good idea to stop Fraternity Hell Week and think of other alternatives for pledges to do.

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