What a Fraternity Leader can Learn from a Lhasapoo

What a Fraternity Leader can Learn from a Lhasapoo

What the heck is a Lhasapoo?  It is the type of dog I have.  Think of a cotton ball about the size of a football with legs.  Is it a sissy dog?  Absolutely, but that is what happens when you get married.  You laugh – but just wait…

Anyway, I ran an experiment one day, and it taught me something valuable about fraternity leadership.

I put my wife and my dog in the trunk of the car, and left them there for a little while.  I wanted to see how they would react when I finally let them out.

When I opened the trunk, the wife was pissed, but my Lhasapoo was excited to see me.   And that got me thinking…

The dog is always excited to see me.  He never, ever lets me down.  In return, I am always excited to see him.

Think about that as a fraternity leader.

You will be more effective in your role if you are the type of leader that is always excited to see your brothers, and is always in a good mood.  Brothers will seek you out, because people like happy people.

So, if you want to be a better fraternity leader, be more like a Lhasapoo.  And if you can do it, you will see a benefit that is much more significant that being a better fraternity leader.  You will become a happier person.

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