What a Fraternity Can Learn from a Secret Society

secret society

I just stumbled on a great article a few days ago, and thought I would share.

It is an article about Skull and Bones, a Yale Secret Society.  This is a lot different than fraternities, as their members are sworn to secrecy.

That makes them very intriguing to outsiders.  People are curious to know what happens behind those walls, only because they have no earthly idea.

This is a very valuable lesson to fraternity men.  Part of the allure of fraternity is the secret rituals and traditions we have.  This creates a sense of mystery and a sense that fraternity men are the elite.

Don’t ruin that by choosing not to keep the secrets!  Don’t tell your girlfriend, don’t tell your Mom, don’t tell your best friend from home, don’t tell your buddy that refuses to join, don’t tell your roommate, don’t tell your dog – because if you do, you are destroying one key ingredient that makes our organizations special.

Keep the secrets!


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