Use Your Chapter Website for Recruitment

Chapter Website for Recruitment

Here’s the scenario.  You have a guy over to the house for a rush event.  This is his first time over, and he doesn’t know much about the fraternity.

The brothers paint a picture of how great the fraternity is, and the guy is sincerely interested in joining.

He can’t stop thinking about the fraternity that night back in his dorm, and is pretty intrigued by the idea of joining.  So he goes to Google and tries to search for your chapter website.

And then he finds it.  There are about four pictures, none are that interesting and all are of brothers who graduated years ago.  One brother even has a mullet.  The executive board is from 2005.  The site tells very little about the chapter history.  You get the point.

It doesn’t have to be like this.  Your website can be a valuable recruitment tool.  It should provide a candid insight into your chapter.  The best part though is it is pretty easy to do.

All you need to do is post pictures – lots and lots of pictures.  There needs to be a page dedicated to every social event with a ton of pictures and a short description of the event.

This is no time to be vain.  Mug shots of a bunch of dudes isn’t going to entice a guy to join your fraternity.  You need to show pictures that properly depict the great time you guys have.  They need to show the great things your fraternity does.  They need to highlight your traditions.  Most importantly though, they need to project an image where the prospective new member is dying to be a part of.

Don’t forget video too.  If you have video of things your fraternity does, toss it on the site.

Remember though, if it is on the internet, it is free game for anyone to see.  Be responsible with what you decide to share.

While it doesn’t seem like much, this will provide huge dividends to your fraternity and is well worth the time and effort.

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