Use Facebook to Recruit for Your Fraternity

Use Facebook to Recruit for Your Fraternity

I’ll be the first to tell you I am behind the times when it comes to Facebook, so I am probably not the best one to convey this fraternity recruitment strategy. However, I am super-impressed by the results I heard from a fraternity that implemented this idea, and would be remiss if I didn’t share it with you.

The chapter I am speaking about was in big trouble. They only had 15 members, and were being threatened to be shut down by their nationals. They decided to use Facebook as the center of their recruitment strategy to boost their numbers and rejuvenate the chapter.

What they did was brilliant. They started a Facebook page for the chapter, and used it to make connections with freshman the summer before they got to school. Through their efforts, they were able to befriend 150 students who were interested in attending rush.

Because a relationship was built with these 150 students, they really didn’t have to put too much effort into finding guys to rush. They could spend all their time convincing these guys why their fraternity was right for them.

15 of the 150 ended up pledging and becoming brothers. The fraternity doubled in size in one semester.

They were able to be so successful because they did not employ the ‘shot-gun’ approach to rush. They focused their efforts, and were rewarded for their ingenuity.

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