Total Frat Move – Good or Bad?

Total Frat MoveThere is no denying that Total Frat Move is wildly popular.

They dominate the twitter world and have thousands of fraternity men participating on the site.

There are tons of interesting articles, some informative, some humorous, and some “smut.”

However, is Total Frat Move a good or bad thing?

The Good

Obviously, a lot of the stuff is hilarious.  As a fraternity man from a conservative school in the south, I can appreciate a lot of their humor and satire.

I like the hunting and dog photos.  I love celebrating Bush and Reagan.  I like how awesome fraternity houses are recognized.  I think some of the older fraternity pictures they get their hands on are pretty interesting.

They also do a great job promoting patriotism.  As a guy who has been shot at in Iraq and did two tours over there, it always makes me feel good when I see someone talking about America with pride.

Does the good outweigh the bad though?

The Bad

Unfortunately, Total Frat Move feeds into the worst possible stereotype of fraternities.  It celebrates womanizing, hazing and drinking.  Animal House damaged the image of fraternities forever, and this site aims to cement those beliefs.

A lot of the content is in bad taste and is the exact reason why a lot of colleges are making it tougher and tougher for fraternities to prosper.

Of course, this is all done under the guise of humor.  However, if  you feed the stereotype enough – does it become true?

My View

I think Total Frat Move is an awesome concept, but wish fraternity men would not submit content that is obvious poor taste.

While I am sure the intent is funny, collectively a lot of pictures/comments with questionable taste makes fraternities and fraternity men look really bad.

I am very curious to hear your thoughts on the site.  Do you think TFM is good or bad?  Leave your comment below if you have an opinion.

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