Total Frat MoveThere is no denying that Total Frat Move is wildly popular.

They dominate the twitter world and have thousands of fraternity men participating on the site.

There are tons of interesting articles, some informative, some humorous, and some “smut.”

However, is Total Frat Move a good or bad thing?

The Good

Obviously, a lot of the stuff is hilarious.  As a fraternity man from a conservative school in the south, I can appreciate a lot of their humor and satire.

I like the hunting and dog photos.  I love celebrating Bush and Reagan.  I like how awesome fraternity houses are recognized.  I think some of the older fraternity pictures they get their hands on are pretty interesting.

They also do a great job promoting patriotism.  As a guy who has been shot at in Iraq and did two tours over there, it always makes me feel good when I see someone talking about America with pride.

Does the good outweigh the bad though?

The Bad

Unfortunately, Total Frat Move feeds into the worst possible stereotype of fraternities.  It celebrates womanizing, hazing and drinking.  Animal House damaged the image of fraternities forever, and this site aims to cement those beliefs.

A lot of the content is in bad taste and is the exact reason why a lot of colleges are making it tougher and tougher for fraternities to prosper.

Of course, this is all done under the guise of humor.  However, if  you feed the stereotype enough – does it become true?

My View

I think Total Frat Move is an awesome concept, but wish fraternity men would not submit content that is obvious poor taste.

While I am sure the intent is funny, collectively a lot of pictures/comments with questionable taste makes fraternities and fraternity men look really bad.

I am very curious to hear your thoughts on the site.  Do you think TFM is good or bad?  Leave your comment below if you have an opinion.

22 thoughts on “Total Frat Move – Good or Bad?

  1. The girl that models for TFM girls, total frat move, and rowdy gentleman is fire though. @star.alex is a complete babe.
    Used to like barstool but total frat move overstepped them when Star Alex started working for them.
    Compared to TFM barstool doesnt have hot enough models

  2. I have seen TFM wreak havoc on my relatively new fraternity chapter on a small campus. We received our charter just a year ago, so there were no real precedents set forth as to dress, behavior and the like, and many of our younger members have eaten this stuff right up. Yep, people actually take this stuff seriously, and I can tell you that many of my “bros” are now less concerned about our fraternity’s values, and more concerned with the length of their khaki shorts, or how many pairs of Sperrys they own. Let me just tell you that our recruitment this year sucked because everybody actually took this satirical douchebaggery seriously.

    • I am an undergraduate at a big state school where greek life is every prevalent. My personal opinion of the book and TFM as a website is that they are changing how greek life is viewed. It used to be that fraternities were breeding ground from wealthy WASPs to grow up and network, but now fraternities have become much more then that. They are a symbol for adolescence in its prime. WE as men must make mistakes to become better and being in a fraternity gives us the best environment to do so. It lets us have the fun that we deserve to have while showing us the precautions we must take to avoid becoming like our brothers who are useless alcoholics. Its gives us role models to look up while at the same time showing us what we can become if we don’t stay focused. To me a fraternity is a place to make the mistakes your parents would have a heart attack hearing and also to discover whats real and what movies just make seem like the most amazing thing in the world. The debauchery is necessary for growth while campus may make it harder to fraternities because of this book and ones like it, i say screw them because we are still the future leaders of tomorrow but it’s not because we’re smart or proud. it’s because we learned to balance the good and the bad. 

  3. Adam, shouldn’t you take a page out of your own book then, since you’re spewing ignorance and your own ridiculous opinions?

  4. Personally, I think that the column was well written. TotalFratMove tends to glorify the wrongdoings of fraternity men today but at the same time publishes multiple articles claiming how joking around like that is fun but when push comes to shove, we fraternity men defend that which is great first. One great article on their page is entitled, “I will Teach All of You How To Live.”
    Through the eyes of an undergrad, this article is rubbish.
    Regardless to how many articles they read on TFM, they’ll feel differently one day. With that said, I understand why this article accumulated such negative responses but I can’t defend the way it was done. As a fellow serviceman, I find it hard to believe (Adam) that the man who wrote this doesn’t understand what is so great about this country. I hope one day you manage to grow hair on your chest and serve your country as well.
    On a final note, I admit that the scariest part of TFM are the posts that are blatantly from middle-aged men trying to pretend like they’re cool and still in college. Posts like that just make me feel like the site promotes such immature, and potentially amoral, behavior.

  5. A picture was posted on TFM of a fraternity on my campus where a two-story beer bong was photographed. It was pretty cool and everyone enjoyed it. The comments on the photo were about the two girls in the background of the picture. Girls I knew. The comments called the girls cows and ugly and claimed the fraternity was a disgrace because they could not get ‘hot bitches’ to their party.

    A website that permits this type of degrading behavior towards fellow mankind is childish and disgusting. Saying that the website is a joke is a person making an excuse. They would rather take the cheap laugh than stand up for what they know is right and how they know to treat people.

    Dennis, I wonder if you have ever been to the Dean’s office to answer for your fraternities mistakes. I have been there and it is not easy to defend these ‘one-liners’ to an educated and respected man or woman. He told us that he was surprised at our actions and asked us what went wrong. My president and I didn’t have an answer because we knew what happend was wrong and making excuses for our chapter’s behavior was foolish and would ruin our reputation on campus. It then killed me as an officer to leave that meeting with the Dean, come back to the fraternity house and here the TFM jokes. I just went to the Dean to fight for my fraternity and show what good we do for campus and our members and all I hear about was how fratty our actions were. It was one of the most frustrating times of my life and lead me to question my brotherhood. The jokes stopped when the punishment was handed down… Things became real to my brothers.

    I will end with this quote. It was a quote I heard during the Penn St allegations. A very real situation where many people were told to mind their own business. This quote applies to many aspects of life, so take it to heart. Here it is:

    What you permit, you promote.
    What you allow, you encourage.
    What you condone, you own.

  6. All the guys in my Chapter who loved TFM were not Brothers people looked up to. They were lame guys who wanted to emulate things that other lame fraternity guys either exaggerated, or lied about on the Internet. It builds a destructive loop of small minded people that strive to be a false persona that does not exist anywhere else but online.

  7. Greek Fraternities are revolutionary. Their continued growth and persistence through times of war and adversity is something to admire cherish and believe in. Often chapters lose site of what their letters once stood for but it’s a mystery how I found myself at a school with no greek life memorizing the names of a dozen men who were born in the 1800’s.
    Fraternities and secret social societies have existed for thousands of years. What is written on these websites and what is portrayed in those movies means nothing. We are a force meant to build and lead with power and through example.
    Who ever is TFTC about what a silly joke website says is a friend of mine. However, we are the top of the human food chain and many want to take our spot. It is up to us to insure that never happens.
    And it won’t because were to Frat to Fail.

  8. I know the people behind the site, and they are not completely irresponsible “frat guys.” They are smart businessmen, and solid fraternity men/alumni.

    The TFM moniker, even before the website existed, described a try-too-hard over the top stereotype confirming as far as you can possibly get from non-Greek society as possible kind of event. When you share those one-liners with other fraternity men, it’s easy to identify with where they’re coming from and laugh at the over-the-topness. The success of the site has had the unintended consequence of showing us all what we have in common from one campus to another – both good and bad.

    As fraternity men, we can either embark on a politically correct compromise of everything we are in the name of falsely positive public relations in hopes of keeping all-powerful administrators off our backs and getting all the Greek-haters to like us… Or, we can stand up for who we are – the good and bad. Sometimes that involves donor, legal, and political pressure to put overbearing administrators in check; and, sometimes it involves self-debasing humor, inside jokes, or things that outsiders might not think is a bit less than classy. Personally, while I’m not going to push an in-your-face campaign to establish dominance over the non-Greek world, I really don’t see anything wrong with laughing at ourselves a bit.

    If you think college administrations are cracking down on fraternities any worse than they have in the past, they aren’t. That stuff runs in cycles. If you think it has anything to do with TFM, it doesn’t. It has to do with the neighbors and cops calling the Dean because there’s a giant fort built out of beer cans in your front yard at noon the day after a party and some lady came out of her house to go to work and found a guy passed out in her bushes. We’re always going to be unfairly targeted, because we’re an easy target with a whole lot of grassroots opposition. Worry about very local PR. Keep your members & guests in check. Don’t do insanely stupid stuff. Don’t let anyone get hurt. Other than that, you’re wasting time worrying about a national website.

  9. Very interesting responses – especially the passionate ones who act liked I completely dogged the site – which I obviously didn’t.

  10. TFM exist and thrives because of a fundamental breakdown in what it means to be a Fraternity Man, let alone a College Man. Notice, I did not use the term “college guy”, or “frat guy”, etc. All of our fraternities were founded to make better men out of its membership, to stand out positively from the rest of the student body. TFM, whether we visit it or not, agree with it or not, or enjoy the acts / items portrayed or not, gives off the impression that all Greek men are after is sex, booze and parties. Of course, we have our freedoms to say and post what we want. But if Fred Phelps and Westboro has proven anything, it’s that sometimes those “free speeches” need to be ignored.

  11. Once you cross into alumnus status a lot of real life will hit you. Think about waking up one day to find your chapter has closed due to some moron who thought it would be funny to do half the stuff posted on TFM. My founders didn’t wake up one morning a hundred or so years ago and say hey lets get drunk, plow some hoes, and act crazy. Although some of things are normal aspects of life in moderation they were not the purpose of these distinguished men gathering together. You can do that stuff just as easily without being in a fraternity than in one. They founded us on a higher purpose. I know its hard for an 18, 19, or 20 year old man to get the concept of higher purpose but hopefully one day when you grow the hell up or listen in ritual one meeting maybe it will hit you. I may be old and I may need to loosen up but when I return to my alma mater every year I want to be able to celebrate brotherhood with those who made my collegiate experience truly exceptional. Go rape, haze, hurt yourselves and others without the “burden” that you pledged to live however long ago you made that commitment. Be a man and live by the pledges you took.

  12. Adam,
    You do get to say what you want and do what you want, provided its legal.
    Since hazing and drinking under the age of 21 is illegal in states where fraternities exist, at a basic level much of TFM glorifies illegal behavior. That’s not helpful to anyone. It would be great if things like academic excellence, philanthropy, and member development were considered “Frat moves.” Sure, they’re not as glamorous as parties with sororities, pledge antics, or hospitalizing a brother with alcohol poisoning, but last I checked those stories don’t help you get a job anyway.
    J, you’re right that a lot of hazing occurs outside our chapter doors, and we unfairly get dragged down into it. Let’s be the students on campus who start a movement away from this behavior, maybe the bands and sports teams would follow our lead again.

  13. As a red-blooded male, I like guns, booze, boobs and America. I view TFM as a place to celebrate the things I love most.

    You old geezers need to lighten up and enjoy the simple things in life. Or perhaps you just joined shitty fraternities and are jealous that other kids are out there having more fun than you did during your “glory days”.

  14. “Animal House damaged the image of fraternities forever, and this site aims to cement those beliefs.”

    Nope, fraternities in the 70s damaged the image of fraternities forever, not that movie. I base this on talking to my parents and the words of my chapter advisor and other Greeks from that era I’ve talked to.

    That aside, it is really important to think about what the TFM thing is doing to our system, especially in a climate that is becoming increasingly hostile for greek orgs (FAMU hazing death, for example, even though it wasnt Greek)..

  15. You take the site way too seriously. If you don’t like it then don’t visit it. I bet you’re a balanced man chapter advisor too. You see, the great thing about this country is the freedom we have to say what we want and do what we want. People like you who try to impose their views on others should leave this country. Hazing, partying, hooking up with girls, etc, happen but no one takes the site as seriously as you do. Opinions are like a man’s private part. It’s cool that you have your own opinion, but once you start whipping it out and putting it in our face it becomes stupid. Chug bleach sir

  16. It may be true that the site sometimes posts positive things, but since I don’t look at the site or follow their twitter account myself, my only experience is what the men in my fraternity (and other Greek students I follow) retweet. Every time I see it, it’s a reinforcement of negative stereotype, and I find myself wondering if the person who retweeted it honestly believes it to be true, thinks it’s funny, or is making a point that the comment is not what we stand for. Most of the time I’m afraid it’s not that third option.
    I’d rather see as many retweets of the #socialexcellence concept as I see for TFM.

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