The Surest Way to be Misunderstood

The Surest Way to be Misunderstood

You will have a disagreement with a brother in your fraternity.  Chances are, this will evolve into more than just a disagreement – it will become a full-blown fight.

You will be tempted to send an email to the brother in question either to clear the air, or let him know how you feel.  You may even go as far as to courtesy copy the rest of the fraternity on the email – just to make sure they understand your position as well.

Nothing good can come of this situation.  If you send an email under these circumstances, the only guarantee is that you will be misinterpreted, and that feelings will be hurt.

And you don’t have the ability to be diplomatic enough to overcome this possibility – no one does.  The brother on the receiving end will be receiving the message at an emotional time, and will not have the ability to handle it rationally.

Do yourself a favor – settle disagreements in private and in person.  Sure, it is harder to do than to pump out an email.  But it will do more to foster the type of relationships your fraternity needs than any other method.


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