The Number 1 Way You Can Improve Your Fraternity TODAY

improving your fraternity

Fraternity brothers have disagreements.  It is perfectly natural for that to happen whenever you get a bunch of headstrong guys together.

As a matter of fact, I am pretty confident that you probably have an issue with one of your fraternity brothers right now.  Chances are, there was a disagreement in the past, some heated words were exchanged, and the relationship hasn’t been the same since.

If you want to improve your fraternity, I challenge you to be the bigger man and take the lead in resolving the issue.

This really isn’t difficult, and doesn’t need to be awkward.  Just pull the brother aside, tell him that you hate what happened and that you would like to put it behind you.

99% of the time, the other brother will feel the same way and the both of you will be able to move on.

That being said, when you agree to put it behind you, you have to mean it.  If you still harbor a grudge then you are doing everyone an incredible disservice.  There is nothing worse than a fake friend and a fake brother.

If you have the courage to fix a damaged relationship, you will have strengthened your brotherhood.  And remember that the strength of a fraternity is the strength of the relationships of the men in it.

Finally, think about how powerful it would be if every brother in your fraternity decided to bury the hatchet with someone they are feuding with.  Friendships would become stronger, and the fraternity would improve tremendously as a result.

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