The No-Paying Pizza Mooch Fraternity Brother

Mooch Fraternity Brother

You guys all know this guy.  He is the guy who refuses to chip in a few bucks for the pizza, and then waits around like a vulture hoping that he will be allowed to have the leftovers.

First off, don’t be this guy.  Nobody likes this guy.

Second, this is a great metaphor for fraternity brothers who don’t pay their dues on time.

Those brothers who don’t pay their dues on time are mooching off the rest of the chapter.  They are receiving the benefits of being a brother, without having to pay their share.

And the brothers who allow this to happen are as bad, if not worse, than the mooch.

By not holding this brother accountable for his responsibilities, they are really crippling him.  They are enabling his poor behavior, and a very valuable lesson that needs happen is being neglected.

If this brother won’t meet his financial obligations to his best friends – his brothers – imagine what he’ll do once he is in the real world.  He could end up being a financial deadbeat.  This destroys people and destroys families.

This could be avoided if the brotherhood would have taught the brother this valuable lesson when they had the chance.

Have the courage to hold your brothers accountable for their actions.  While they may not like it now, you are really doing them a favor.  You are teaching them how to be responsible.

Now – will someone pass me a slice?

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