The Most Important Trait of a Good Fraternity Recruiter

Good Fraternity Recruiter

There is that one guy in every fraternity who seems to ‘pull’ several guys each semester. He is the fraternity’s ace in the hole, and the chapter would probably be in deep trouble during rush without him. So what makes him so successful?

Typically, he is very outgoing and social. He is the center of the party and everyone likes him. Those aren’t the most important traits though.

He also seems to have everything going his way. He has a pretty girlfriend, gets good grades, wears nice clothes and drives an awesome car. He seemingly is on easy street. These aren’t the most important traits either.

The most important trait is that this guy truly, unequivocally loves his fraternity.

He is able to sell the idea of joining the fraternity to outsiders because his love for the chapter is genuine. This makes him believable, and gives him amazing credibility. It makes it so he isn’t really selling them anything, but rather explaining why he is so passionate about the fraternity.

In turn, the guys he is recruiting probably don’t really understand his passion, but realize if this brother is this nuts about the fraternity, then it is probably a pretty good thing. That is what prompts them to join.

Sure, following all the thousands of rush tips out there will help. But I promise you that you will not have near the recruitment success that is possible unless the brothers who are doing the recruiting are passionate about the fraternity.

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