The Most Important Brother During Fraternity Recruitment

most important fraternity during fraternity recruitment

This article is Day 7 of the series: 31 Days to Better Fraternity Recruitment.

So this is the part of the game where I am supposed to say that you are the most important brother…

However, you probably aren’t.

The most important brother during fraternity recruitment is the guy who brings new guys out to the house.  It is the guy who is not afraid to meet new people and is proud enough to introduce them to the fraternity.

You know as well as I do that getting guys to the house is 95% of the battle.  Once they are at the house, then fraternity recruitment is easy.  It is getting them there that is the hard part.

So how does this little bit of information help you?

For one, how about trying to be a little more like the brother who brings the new guys out?  Surely you have the social skills to meet someone new and introduce them to an incredible fraternity experience.  If you don’t, then there is still probably someone you know that you could invite to a rush event.   You just need to step up and have a little initiative.

Regardless of your level of commitment, you need to make the brothers who put forth all the effort during recruitment feel appreciated.  The success of your recruitment ultimately lies in their hands, and if they feel under-appreciated your fraternity is taking a huge risk.

This means that during chapter meetings, brothers need to commend the guys who kick butt during recruitment.  That means pulling these brothers aside and telling them how much you appreciate all the effort they put into rush.  It also means acknowledging how good they are at recruitment, because we know not everyone is good at it.

For you guys out there who are the most important guy in your fraternity during rush – thank you.  The skills you learn during recruitment are extremely valuable and will serve you well in life after college.  You are the reason that fraternity life is alive and well and your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

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