the-fraternity-leaderYou have already made a large investment in your fraternity.  You will spend thousands of dollars in dues and spend countless hours at the fraternity house.  Your fraternity is probably good, and you are probably a reason why your fraternity has reached its current level of success.

Chances are that your fraternity hasn’t reached its full potential.  There is something holding your fraternity back from becoming great.

That is where I can help.  I was a two year chapter president, as well as my school’s IFC president.  I was my chapter, university and national fraternity man of the year.

Most importantly, I have taken the time to share my secrets of success in this book.

This book will make you better leader.  It will give you the tools you need to make your fraternity great.  It will help you become the type of brother that the fraternity talks about for years after you have graduated because your contributions will have been that significant.  And best of all, the leadership lessons are universal, and will propel you to success after you graduate.

I hope you are willing to make the commitment to invest in yourself and your fraternity with this book.

You will learn the following in the book:

Chapter 1 – Fraternity Recruitment Made Easy – Fraternity recruitment is a drag, unless you know what you are doing.  Learn how to strategically recruit new members and avoid wasting precious time, energy and money.

Chapter 2 – How to Use Your Fraternity Website to Supercharge Recruitment – There is a percentage of the student population that knows they will join a fraternity.  The only question they have is which fraternity will they join?  Use this simple strategy to find out who they are, and how to get them to join your fraternity.

Chapter 3 – How to Create an Epic Social Program – A detailed, how-to description of successful parties, mixers, semi-formals, formals, brotherhood events and philanthropies (yes, these should be social events).  Make your fraternity the social envy of every Greek at your university.

Chapter 4 – How to Become Popular with Sororities – This remains one of the great mysteries in the fraternity world.  Unlock the secrets which will enable your fraternity forge solid relationships with the sororities on your campus.

Chapter 5 – The Right Way to Run a New Member Program– New member programs are why fraternity membership is on the decline.  Most programs don’t teach the new members the skills needed to become productive brothers.  This new member program will detail the tasks the new members need to accomplish to reach that goal.

Chapter 6 – How to Make Fraternity Finances a Fraternity Strength – Break the code on how to make finance a strength of a fraternity.  Learn sure-fire ways to collect dues, and how to use your dues to develop leadership in your brotherhood.

Chapter 7 – How to Fundraise $40,000 for Your Fraternity – 18 fundraising ideas that have the potential to (conservatively) earn well over $40,000.  Each idea includes a description on how to set up the event and how much commitment is required to make it a success.

Chapter 8 – How to Win Your Fraternity Election – There are many great fraternity leaders out there that want the opportunity to lead, but they can’t get elected.  Many talents have been wasted because of this tragedy.  Make sure you get elected and get the opportunity you deserve.

Chapter 9 – The Five Secrets to Fraternity Leadership – Learn the five principles of fraternity leadership which include personal examples of how they made me a great fraternity leader.

17 thoughts on “The Fraternity Leader

  1. In this book, Pat Daley offers a multitude of tips and resources to help fraternity implement positive change in their home chapters. Drawing from an impressive undergraduate experience (that had both highs and lows), The Fraternity Leader is something that any fraternity man wishing to become a successful fraternity leader must read.
    One area of strength of this book is its focus on Recruitment – the lifeline of every chapter. It is both the first chapter and one of the most substantive chapters of the book, providing necessary skills for any chapter to recruit. The Fraternity Leader equips members with responses to some of the major hesitations that potential new members have – cost, safety, etc. Being able to implement these skills will almost undoubtedly increase a chapter’s recruitment efforts.
    With a strong transition into the importance of a fun new member education program, The Fraternity Leader addresses another absolutely crucial aspect of a fraternity. In stressing a safe and hazing-free new member program, The Fraternity Leader takes a step in helping fraternity men lead their chapters back to the intent of the founders of fraternity.
    If you notice that things in your chapter need to change and you think you want to take a stand and change them, then reading The Fraternity Leader will help you do that. Leadership in fraternity and implementing change is not easy, but reading this book is a good first step.

  2. Indispensable advice for any fraternity a leader. Running a fraternity can be hard to navigate and their is very little written help available. This book filled the gaps in my knowledge and made me a much more effective fraternity leader.

  3. Reading the Fraternity Leader Series and sharing what I learned with my brothers has brought great success to my Fraternity. I am currently President and read the series last year right after being elected, since I was looking for some guidance. Not only did I find guidance, but I was able to lead our chapter to win our highest national award, True Merit. Not only do I know our chapter is stronger in all aspects, I know I have grown as an individual after reading the series.

    Every fraternity man should read Pat’s series. It’s dumb not to. He offers great ideas and advice on EVERY aspect of fraternity life. If you hold any executive position in your fraternity, or if you simply want to be the person who makes a difference; this series is a must read. The book is an easy read, yet it is extremely thorough. If you think you know what it takes to make your fraternity great – think again and read “The Fraternity Leader Series.” I hope whoever reads this does himself a huge favor and gets the series. Read it. Learn it. Teach it…to everyone associated with your chapter, and watch your chapter change for the better.

    Thanks Pat for all the help and assistance along the way.

  4. This book is a one-of-a-kind resource for any chapter, large or small. Pat covers all the issues that are essential in the survival and growth of a fraternity. I highly recommend that any fraternity man invests in the Fraternity Leader, as it was a huge factor in taking my chapter to the next level.

    I was president for a year and vice president the following year, and we used this book as a guideline for our fraternity. After addressing some of the areas we were struggling on, our chapter grew by at least 10 members each semester. It’s obvious that this was written by a fraternity man that has experienced both the ups and downs of a chapter, and he shares valuable knowledge throughout the book.

    Thanks Pat!

  5. This ebook has a lot of valuable information. Now, not everything pertains to each fraternity, but the tips it gives will easily uplift any chapter. I would highly recommend the series since it provides a lot of information:
    How to win an election
    New chapter recruitment

    The bottom line, if your chapter is old or new, the information that is provided in this series is valuable.

  6. The Fraternity Leader Series is a great resource for ambitious fraternity men looking to make a difference in their chapters. Where many advisors will counsel only on how to “follow the rules,” The Fraternity Advisor addresses legitimate challenges facing fraternity leaders today with practical, down-to-earth advice.

  7. This ebook will make or break your chapter. It’s helpful chapters and information ease you into how to successfully run a fraternity as well as be a successful and perfect model of what a brother should be. I highly recommend purchasing this series, and know any buyers will be 100% satisfied with their purchase. Also, Pat has been a huge help for me. If you are interested in starting your own colony, you also have to check out his free PDF file of that. I came to this website knowing almost nothing. But with Pat’s help and his E-books, I now know a great deal of how Greek life is supposed to be.

  8. My chapter is on a campus where greek life’s primary purpose is to party like it is 1969. The administration is cracking down and chapters are changing and becoming more productive members of the community. The problem is our fraternity is holding onto “tradition” and is not willing to make the inevitable change required if we want to remain on this campus. After reading this book (about 4ish hours), I immediately sent it to all our alumni, executive members and the few other guys in the house who want to see the chapter change for the better. If our chapter could adapt 20% of the stuff from this book we would be the number one house on campus, not just in the eyes of the administration, but with girls and the community!

  9. As a freshman on my fraternity’s executive council, I thought I new everything about being a fraternity leader. I did a little research and found this website along with the book that Pat wrote. It turns out that there was so much more to fraternity leadership that I would never have known before reading The Fraternity Leader Series. It covers every single fraternity issue from have socials with sororities to building leadership among the pledge classes.

    I plan on running for chapter president next year and I know that this book will drastically help me. Not only will it help me out as I try to put together my presidential campaign, it will greatly benefit my chapter as I start to put the ideas and strategies from this book into the running of my chapter. I can already see positive differences in my fraternity and it’s only been a few weeks.

    I highly recommend and fraternity man, average fraternity member or aspiring president, to buy and read this book. This book will not only change your ideas and thinking for the better, but it will help make a positive change on your entire fraternity life.

    -Lane, University of Iowa

  10. As a Senior in my fraternity I thought I knew a lot about leadership and how to fix problems, but I have to say the Fraternity Leader Series has enlightened me and I’m happy to say that I have one more year with my brothers!

    Elections are coming up for us and I have been nominated for President. Having read through a majority of the Fraternity Leader Series I believe this will help me a lot if I am elected and if not then I will not stop being a leader and continue to use this series.

    I highly recommend this series to those who are seeking to make a difference in their fraternity. It will seriously give you a new perspective on things and help you become a better fraternity man!

    -Rickey, Texas Tech University

  11. The Fraternity Leader Series says it all. We always thought we were strong in recruitment until I read Chapters 5 and 8. We implemented the ideas and increased our membership by 25%. Pat has it all down to a science. The Fraternity Series is now required reading for all incoming officers. This is the best money we’ve ever spent.
    Board of Directors

  12. I found the Fraternity Leader Series extremely valuable in working with the Fraternity’s Chapter Leadeship Team. The organization of the series in managable sections allowed for a weekly focus to improve the overall Chapter operations.

    Everyone has time to read these 8 to 10 pages sections — and quickly implement these ideas. These are great conversation starters for the entire Chapter — not just the Leadership Team. If each member worked to improve one area within the Chapter, based on the Fraternity Leader Series — your Chapter would be the Best on Campus.

    Alumni Corporation Board President

  13. I am just finishing my term as the president of my fraternity. I wish I would have read this book before I started. It would have made me a better president and my chapter would have had a lot more fun.” – Brad, Wake Forest University

  14. This book has saved my chapter. We had no idea what we were doing in rush, but with your guidance we pulled 16 guys this spring. This doubled our fall pledge class. Every Greek should read this book.

    – Rob, FIJI

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