The Chapter Advisor Relationship

chapter advisor

If your fraternity is fortunate enough to have a chapter advisor, chances are he has a family, a job and other commitments.  That leaves him precious little free time.  You should be very grateful that he is willing to spend some of it to help the fraternity.

So how to you maximize his time for the benefit of the fraternity?  To answer that question, you first must understand his motive for volunteering.

Your advisor is probably volunteering because he has a special appreciation for the fraternity, and wants to give back.  He feels he has special talents and experiences that can help the fraternity prosper.

The best way to take advantage of this tremendous resource is by having him lead small group discussions on areas where your fraternity needs to improve.

The fraternity will benefit by receiving focused insight from a knowledgeable resource.

The advisor will have the benefit of being able to genuinely contribute, without having to commit a tremendous amount of time.  Your advisor will also become more engaged because he will want to know how much the fraternity improved.

This approach is respectful and should be tremendously beneficial to both the fraternity and the advisor.

As always, remember to always go out of your way to thank your advisor for all his contributions.  If you chapter is doing something fun, be sure to invite him.  Let him know he is never obligated, but always welcome to all the chapter’s events.

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