Should You Become Fraternity President?

fraternity president

Becoming your fraternity president is a unique honor.

A typical brother is only in the fraternity for four or five years as an undergraduate.  That means that the fraternity president is the chosen leader for a significant portion of a brother’s college experience.

There are eight questions that need to be answered to determine if you should become your fraternity president.

1: Are you doing it for the right reasons?  Sure it is awesome to say you are your fraternity president.  But if you are only doing it for selfish reasons, your fraternity will suffer.

2: Do you have any ideas to improve your fraternity?  Your fraternity is either growing or it is dying.  If you don’t know how to grow it, then you aren’t a right fit for the position.

3: Will you embarrass your fraternity (A)?  The president is the public face of the fraternity.  He will be talking to the university and the fraternity’s headquarters.  Are you the person that your brotherhood wants to be having these conversations?

4: Will you embarrass your fraternity (B)?  Will you make a fool of yourself in public?  Are you a bad drunk that does not represent the fraternity well?  Are you rude in front of guests and women?

5: Are you fiscally responsible?  As president of the fraternity you will be responsible for a sizable budget.  If you cannot handle that, then you are leading your fraternity down dangerous road.

6: Do you have enough experience?  If you are a newly initiated brother, then chances are you don’t.  You should probably have at least a year as a brother under your belt before you run for president.  It makes sense that you should actually have some experience being in the fraternity before you lead it right?

7: Are you willing to make the time commitment?  There are less glamorous parts to being the president of a fraternity.  You will be leading by example, so you will have to be at nearly every event and function.  Also, you will have to attend numerous IFC, Greek Life, nationals, executive board and university meetings that the other brothers won’t have.  Can you and do you want to make that type of commitment?

8: Do the brothers respect you and will they follow you?  The easiest way to answer this question is to run a test at the next chapter meeting.  During a discussion, see how the brothers respond to the leader of the fraternity.  Remember that the leader doesn’t necessarily have to hold an elected position.  Then, see if the brothers respond to you the same way.

If you can answer these eight questions correctly, then chances are that you are ready to be the fraternity president.

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