Should Our Fraternity Recruit an Old Guy?

Fraternity Recruit an Old Guy

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My current fraternity president met a 32 year old dude at the gym and wants him to join the fraternity. He’s a cool person but do you think the age would be a problem?


It is very difficult to pass judgment on a situation when you really don’t know all the details. That being said, I think it is very bizarre that a 32 year old would want to be involved as an undergraduate brother. At 32, you have such a different perspective on life and different priorities than a guy at 18. I just don’t see how he would be a good fit.

However, if a brother thinks it might be a good idea, then have other brothers talk to him. The biggest thing you want to find out is why he wants to be a part of the fraternity. And remember that even if he gives the right answers, then you need to make sure that the brothers are comfortable with him joining the fraternity.

You also need to think about how this will impact your recruitment efforts. Some guys you are recruiting may think it is weird that this guy is hanging around, and it might turn some of them off to your fraternity.

My gut tells me that this just isn’t a situation that your fraternity wants to get involved with. It just doesn’t make too much sense as an outsider looking in. If the guy does join, then I think there is a high likelihood that he will disappear shortly after becoming a brother.

Trust me on this one, old guys become older and their interests change.

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