Schedule Classes Like A Pro

scheduling classes

Scheduling time is a critical time period for your academic success. Picking classes at random will damage your chances of having a successful semester. Consider the following before picking classes.

1. Know what classes you need, and find out who has already taken them. Getting input on a professor before you set foot in their class makes perfect sense. A lot of classes are taught by several professors. Make sure you get the best one. Taking a class that a friend has taken before also gives you an added resource in the class.

2. Get your hands on a grade distribution report. This is easy to find on most campuses. Looking over several semesters will show how tight the professor is with grades.

3. Pick classes that fit into your schedule. If you are a morning person, don’t schedule 8am classes. If there is stuff you want to do at night, don’t schedule night classes. You need to be in class to be successful. You might as well work it to fit into your lifestyle.

4. Schedule classes with friends. There is no need to suffer alone. I suggest taking all classes with a friend. You will quickly see the benefits.

5. Take one fluff class a semester. On class should be taken for the purpose of increasing your GPA. If it fits into your curriculum, great. If not, still take it. You need to do everything you can to pad your GPA.

6. Once you have picked your classes, it is time to get busy. Visit the websites of all future professors and download everything you can get your hands on from the current semester. You can often find lectures, homework solutions and old tests. I don’t think I have to explain to you how valuable this information is.

A little extra time and effort while setting up your schedule will go a long way towards achieving academic success.

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