Total Frat Move Book Review

Total Frat Move Book Review

I was given a pre-release copy of the Total Frat Move book to review.

Total Frat Move book depicts the journey of Townes Prescott III from move-in day as a freshman, through rush and pledging, to eventually becoming a fraternity star as a senior.

Our hero TP3 indulges in every vice known to man, and is proud of his accomplishments.  His depravity is equally astounding and unbelievable.

Review of Total Frat Move – The Book

After reading the book, I have no doubt that the Total Frat Move book will be insanely popular. It will become a bestseller, and my guess is they will eventually make a movie out of it.  It will be in every chapter house in America, and for better or worse will become this generation’s Animal House.

But like Animal House, it will have its critics.

Those critics will cringe because Total Frat Move celebrates every stereotype that plagues fraternities. They will see the book as crass, obscene and in extremely poor taste – the same opinion they have of the website.  Those critics must realize that this book isn’t a ‘how to improve your fraternity’ guide like my book, The Fraternity Leader.  It is a work of fiction written to entertain.

(Note that the subject of Total Frat Move has been beat to death on this site in these two articles:

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The Bottom Line

My personal opinion on the Total Frat Move book– I enjoyed the hell out of it.  I recognized it for what it is – a satire about fraternity life.  It is a fictional account of a crazy college experience that doesn’t happen in real life.  Those that can make that distinction will enjoy the book.

What made it an entertaining read was being able to relate to the experiences that TP3 went through.  Maybe I didn’t have as much ‘fun’ as Townes did, but I had a lot of the same feelings as a new freshman going through rush and pledging.  Some of his crazy experiences and brothers reminded me of some of my own.  Most fraternity men who read the book will feel the same way.

Total Frat Move book is available now and will be shipped on January 15, 2013.  And trust me, you are going to want to order a copy to see what all the fuss is about.

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