Recycling Cans Fundraiser

fraternity recycling fundraiser

A fraternity is throwing away money if they don’t take advantage of recycling cans.  This is especially the perfect fundraiser for a new member class.

There are about 28 cans in a pound. A scrap dealer will pay around $0.50 per pound for scrap aluminum. So in essence, each empty case of beer cans is worth $0.50.

On top of that, some states pay 5 cents or even 10 cents a can. It is much more lucrative in these states to recycle. It might even be worth it for the fraternity to embark on a Seinfeld-like crusade to recycle cans in another state.

Anyway, I don’t think I need to tell you how many cases of beer a fraternity will go through a semester. The number of cans that are thrown away at a party is staggering.

Of course, it is pretty disgusting to pick through trash to get the cans. Therefore, the chapter needs to take a few trash cans and modify the lids so cans can only be dropped in.  Also, buy a can crusher and get brothers into the habit of crushing the cans immediately after they finish them.  This will make the job of collecting cans a lot easier and cleaner.

Do something with these funds to get brothers to buy into the program. Dedicate the money towards new member dues or towards buying something for the house. This way the brothers will get to see immediate benefit from the inconvenience.

The purpose of this article is completely about the financial gain for the fraternity.  However, when it comes to awards time, be sure to note the environmental benefit of this program in your fraternity awards package.

Over the course of the year recycling cans could mean several hundred dollars for your fraternity.  Your fraternity could probably put that to good use…

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