My Fraternity Recruitment Pet-Peeve

being fake during recruitment

This article is Day 10 of the series: 31 Days to Better Fraternity Recruitment.

I hate it when guys are fake during recruitment.  There is nothing worse than showing up at a recruitment event, and seeing the brother who suddenly becomes uppity and pretentious because he thinks that is what will impress recruits.

There are two things that can happen as a result.

One – these recruits join because they like the version of the brothers who are being fake.  Then, a few weeks into their new member program they realize these guys were frauds, and they don’t like them.  Then, they quit.

Two – these recruits don’t join because they don’t like the fake version of your brothers.  They probably would like the brothers if they acted normal.

Either way you lose!

So, please be real.  Have sincere conversations.  Develop relationships and see if you genuinely like the recruit.  Give them enough information about you to make sure they know enough to form an opinion about you.  Find out enough about them so you can make an educated judgment on whether they should get a bid or not.

If you do this, then you will be getting guys who genuinely like the brothers.  You will be starting the relationship off on the right foot.  And most importantly, you will be fair to everyone involved by being genuine.

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