Make an Academic Spreadsheet

academic spreadsheet

Test banks are useless. They are bulky and get outdated extremely easy. The idea behind them is to provide study materials for brothers in the form of old tests.

A more efficient way of doing this is by keeping an academic spreadsheet. Vertically you have the names of all the brothers. Horizontally you have the names of all the classes. If a brother has taken a particular class, you place the instructors name in the box that intersects the class with the name of the brother.

That way all brothers know who had what class and what professor they had. Instead of going to a bulky test bank in the hopes of finding something helpful, they now have a contact to go to directly for help.

This will lead to less clutter at the house, and more up-to-date material for the brothers. In turn, it should greatly improve test scores and GPAs.

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